A Horrible Person Stole This Dog's Wheelchair

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Lucky, a 12-year-old Belgian Shepherd, lost the use of his hind legs years ago when he was hit by a car. The only way he could get around was by using a dog wheelchair. Some jackass stole that wheelchair.

It's a terribly sad story. Dave Feeney, Lucky's owner, had removed the wheelchair from Lucky after a day of play and left it in the front yard. When he came back, it was gone. Feeney believes that the person who stole his dog's wheelchair "knew what they were doing".


And they'd have to, it's a freaking wheelchair customized for a dog for god's sake. What would that person use it for? Luckily, not all people are assholes who steal wheelchairs from disabled animals, HandicappedPets.com has donated a new wheelchair for Lucky and it seems like he likes it a lot. [My Fox Boston]