A Jaws-Themed Deck of Cards Is Surprisingly More Beautiful Than Gory

You’d probably expect a deck of Jaws-themed playing cards to be chocked full of gory imagery and only available in the back pages of Fangoria magazine. But the artwork on this deck is downright beautiful, to the point where you’ll almost want to frame an image of a swimmer being attacked by a great white shark—almost.


The catch is that Crooked Kings Cards is only making these decks available through Kickstarter, and with just 14 days left in its campaign it still has to raise just over $6,600 to be successful. Early bird pledge options are still available, letting you pre-order a deck for $13. But when those sell out you’re looking at a donation of $15, or $18 if you want the fancy die-cut packaging featuring a shark bite in one corner—and of course you do. [Kickstarter]


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