A Larger, Touchscreen Kindle 3 Coming This Year?

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While we first saw the Kindle 2 months ago in a leak, there's been another nagging rumor, one of a Kindle with a full 8.5"x11" display. And according to DigiTimes, that Kindle still exists.


Sneakily tacked on a post about Amazon's e-ink display manufacturer Prime View International, the publication states:

Amazon plans to launch a new generation of Kindle by the end of this year, which will be larger in size and equipped with touch functions, the sources said.

Frankly, as much as people like the Kindle 2, I've been surprised that Amazon hasn't released system with these purported specs yet. As nice as the Kindles may be to use, they look like something straight out of 1980, minus the tape heads. [DigiTimes via Engadget and image]


Seriously, I'll consider buying the Kindle when then the price is at least $99.99. As much as I like the idea of holding it with one hand (lol), the Kindle's single feature of displaying books doesn't justify its price.

Plus, is the 3G access really necessary? Take that out and reduce the price of the Kindle. No one needs to download a book all the time. They'll already be preoccupied with the book they already bought.

Secondly, the pricing of the e-books is not right. Why buy an e-book when a physical copy of the book costs much less? Make books at least $1-5 price range.

Thirdly, when are you going to bring this to Canada? Canada is always an unappreciated market that has yet to be tapped. I don't see any reason not to bring this to Canada.