Sphero’s version of BB-8 rolls and moves just like the movie version does, but at around half-a-foot tall it’s a little disappointing in terms of scale. That’s why we’re tempted to drop $50 on this life-size plush version from ThinkGeek that feels more like a true companion droid.

At two-feet tall, 18-inches in diameter, and weighing five-and-a-half-pounds, this is as close as you’ll get to a real-life version of BB-8—as long as you’re OK with him not rolling, moving, or talking. You can just pretend that the little droid is sleeping all the time, or silently plotting to take down what remains of the Empire.

Instead of electronics and circuitry, all you’ll find inside this BB-8 is shredded polyester fibers and plastic pellets. But that actually makes it far easier to curl up at night with this version of the little droid. Try that with the real BB-8, or R2-D2, and you’ll be staring down an uncomfortable night’s sleep. [ThinkGeek]


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