A Little KitchenAid Hand Mixer Can Handle Big, Big Tasks

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You can spend like $14 on a hand mixer at a drug store, and it'll work just fine. But oh, this KitchenAid Pro Line cordless blender sure looks nice. And it seems up to just about any kitchen task you present it with.


The blender runs on a 12-volt rechargeable lithium battery and comes with three interchangeable blades— S-shaped, multipurpose, and a frother/beater. Want to change one out? They simply twist on and off. They can emulsify, beat, blend, puree, pulverize, whisk, whip, and so forth. It also has removable 8- and 13-inch blending arms to give you some breathing room when you're working with a deeper pot, for example. The mixer is $350 and it goes on sale next month. Just imagine all the projects this little guy can manage. [KitchenAid via Appliancist]



It seems to have a fair amount of options over the Cuisinart stick blender I have, but at $350, I think I'd still just go for the Cusinart. It was under $50 on Amazon, and it comes with at least the whisk and processor attachments, as well as the measuring cup.