A Little Red Wagon That Transforms Into a Steerable Go-Kart

Every child should grow up with a little wooden red wagon, but Wishbone Design Studio has found a way to take the classic toy from being just a parent-powered pickup truck, to a gravity-powered go-kart that lets kids take the wheel as they careen down hills.


With three different ways to connect the Wishbone 3-in-1’s handle, the wagon can be pushed or pulled with or without a rider inside. But the handle can also be folded away and replaced with a wooden wheel that’s used to steer the wagon’s front wheels by passengers riding inside.

Kids can either drag the wagon to the top of a hill and let gravity propel it on the way down, or flip up a panel on the inside allowing them to stick their feet through the bottom and power it like Fred Flintstone used to.


The added functionality gives Wishbone’s take on the traditional red wagon more replay value, which should help justify the ride-on’s $300 price tag. It’s expensive, but also surprisingly cheaper than other premium wagons you can buy. Like it or not, there’s going to come a time when your kids are going to drag a wagon to the top of a hill when you’re not looking. And you’ll be glad they had some easy way to steer around obstacles on the way back down. [Wishbone Design via Notcot]

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