A Look At Mark Zuckerberg's Surprisingly Dull House And Daily Routines

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is constantly in the middle of some sort of torrid gossip storm, but his home life appears to be the opposite—it's calm and cozy. Here's a brief look into how he and his girlfriend go through an average day.


This video is part of an interview Mark Zuckerberg did with Oprah when he visited her show to discuss "his amazing $100 million donation to help fix Newark, New Jersey's public education system." It contains a very rare look into the life of the CEO and provides a few small insights such as how much time he spends at Facebook HQ (up to 16 hours a day!) and that he is learning Chinese in preparation for a trip to China with his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan.

Definitely worth a watch—whether you love or hate the man. [BI]

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