A Look at the Desks of Some Extraordinarily Creative People

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With a laptop, smartphone, and ubiquitous WiFi, do desks matter anymore? This short film, entitled—gasp—"The Desk," tackles a fascinating subject we all take for granted, exploring the work surfaces of artists, designers, and writers, messy and minimal.


When work is increasingly mobile, does having a physical place to be clamped down, to plant your own creative flag—does this become more or less important? Our work tools are more mobile than they've ever been, but do we still need a place to call our own? Are desks just a place to stick a monitor, or do they say something about us? Do you still have a desk at home? Is it covered in cobwebs, or your next big project? [Laughing Squid]


John Crane

The clip was interesting, and it presented a lot of different viewpoints.

What I totally disagreed with was Alice's assertion that in the future you HAVE to take your desk with you. Sez who?

BS. I don't just have a desk; I have a whole workspace. The environment, the desk, the stuff, and the location all work together to create a complete package.

These issue are so important to me, they take on almost a religious tone in my mind. I pride myself on putting out great work, and great work begins with a great base to work out of.

I agree with the film when it mentions that a person needs a base of some kind to work out of. When I look for a new house or apartment, the first thing I consider is where am I going to put my office and desk. When I move into a new home or apartment, the desk and office are the first things I set up.

My desk is Scandinavian modern, is a room filled with modern art. The rest of the house is traditional furniture and no tech at all. It's in the corner of the entertainment room. Not that I couldn't find a dedicated room (I have three spare bedrooms), but that I want to integrate my work and my life.

My desktop is as clear as possible. I can't think with a lot of STUFF around. I need SPACE.

Right now, I have 4 Dell desktops on the desk with some room to spare. I'm in the process of migrating off my two XP machines to newer, faster Windows 7 machines.

I can't function with fewer that 2 PC's. I keep them all busy as the same time.

I have a good sound and TV system, but I can't stand watching TV, for the most part. I love to listen to music while working. I like to work alone — with no phone calls, no IM, no interruptions. That's my goal, anyway, I still get interruptions, but I prefer to have interruptions on my schedule, not somebody else's.

That's my work environment. It's a whole milieu, not just a desk. If Alice can figure out a way, let alone a NEED, for me to take this act on the road, I would be curious to find out how. Not that I would actually do it, but I would be curious to hear her ideas.

Until then, I'll keep what I have, and keep improving it. I don't need some damn sign saying it is my workspace. Anybody who knows me, and sees my space, sees "me" all over it.