A Lot of Cameras Are Going to Change in the Tiniest Way Possible

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If you use a Sony or Fujifilm camera or Nokia phone or anything like that, you may notice a slight difference in future editions of your favorite camera and phones. The iconic Carl Zeiss imprint on the camera lens will now be just ZEISS. I guess they were growing tired of non photogs asking who the heck is Carl Zeiss?


Carl Zeiss, of course, was the founder of the optics company Carl Zeiss AG. Zeiss lenses have long adorned Sony and Nokia products with the 'Carl Zeiss' name but now will be shifted to a simple ZEISS branding. Something about unifying the brand.

The change specifically affects "future product families". ZEISS writes:

The changeover for the lenses will take place at the family level: existing lens families will not be changed after-the-fact, but future families will be labeled with ZEISS. The first family to introduce this change is the ZEISS Touit lenses. For production-technical reasons, some Touit lenses were produced and placed on the market with the label “Carl Zeiss.”

I'll be hawking Carl Zeiss branded lens from now on. [Zeiss via PetaPixel]



This was a whole article just for that? Really?