Illustration for article titled A Magazine for M-16 Magazines Helps You Kill Zombies Twice as Efficiently

So, you have a army-sized stockpile of weapons in your basement for protection against the coming apocalypse. That's good, being prepared is key. But what happens when you are overrun with zombies in the aftermath? They may be slow, but they can still get you in a swarm. That means you need an more efficient way to reload-and the FAST (Fast And Smooth Transition) system can help you do just that. Basically, it is a magazine for your magazines.

The FAST system consists of a hardened pouch that can hold three spring-loaded 30-round M-16 magazines. It's currently in a prototype phase, but a review by Mil-Spec Monkey deemed it to be a decent piece of equipment. However, they were a bit miffed by the bulk and the flimsy Velcro strap connecting it to the body. Hopefully they can get things worked out before you are forced to wage war with the undead. [Defense Tech and Mil-Spec Monkey]


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