A Man Built a Car from 1906 Using Google Books

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That beautiful car is a brand new 1906 Oldsmobile Model B Runabout. Yep, Bob Ferry used Googles Books to find old magazines that described mechanics, showed pictures and gave descriptions of the Oldsmobile so he could build it a 100 years later.


There's like a gazillion books (over 3 million) on Google Books, making it a treasure trove of information that's easily searchable, diggable and findable. Perry, who is a 51-year-old machinist, found out of print issues of Popular Science and Popular Mechanics and books like Harper's gasoline engine book to create an original a replica as possible. He downloaded over a hundred Google Books to his iPad and started building.

It's awesome what resourceful people can do with the Google. And there's lowly ol' me who just used it to search anna kournikova biggest loser. Better luck next time. [Inside Google Books]



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