A Microsoft Product Manager's Vista Confessions

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Maximum PC has a very long article on the failures of Vista, which culminates in a "frank conversation" with an anonymous Windows Product Manager. Of course, he says the errors are all in the past, that they are all fixed now. Or are they? • Instability thanks to bad GPU and/or printer drivers by third parties. • Poorly implemented User Account Control. • DirectX 10 should have been ported to Windows XP. • OEM system builders are bad for including bad, buggy, or just plain useless apps on their machines in exchange for a few bucks on the back end. • Games for Windows initiative is a disaster, with nothing more than 64-bit compatibility for games to show for years of effort. • Apple is more appealing than Vista because "the hardware is slick, the price is OK, and Apple doesn't annoy its customers (or allow third parties to)." Is that it? Are those all the problem admitted in a "candid" conversation, three being Microsoft's responsibility and the other three being someone's else fault? What do you think? Why did Vista-one of the most expensive operating systems and launches ever-fail so dramatically? What does Microsoft really have to confess, in your opinion? Your answers in the comments. [Maximum PC]


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To be fair, stuff like system builders preloading shit on their computers is not a fault of Microsoft, though many would perceive it to be since it comes bundled.

I'm not so sure that withholding DX10 from XP is that big of an error. It's a very old operating system now, and Microsoft IS in the business of making money off of its newest products. Look at Boot Camp. Boot Camp no longer works for Tiger now that Leopard is out. Is anyone saying that Apple made a mistake not making a final Boot Camp build available to Tiger users? Unlike DX10, people were already shown that it works on it just fine. (Unless I'm mistaken about DX10, anyone?)