A Mirror Made of Fuzzy Pom-Poms Is a Creepy, Beautiful Thing

Daniel Rozin is obsessed with making mirrors, but instead of using glass or silver paint, he takes a more unorthodox approach to creating reflections. Using data from a Microsoft Kinect sensor Rozin manipulates everything from animated plush toy penguins, to his latest subject, a wall of fuzzy pom-poms.


Packed into an octagon just a few feet across are 928 black and beige pom-poms that can be pushed forward or pulled back using computer-controlled servos to recreate black and white images in real-time that are captured by a Kinect sensor on top.

Rozin’s mirror isn’t able to generate a reflection as instantly as a mirror you’ll find hanging in a bathroom can, but watching those individual pom-poms slide back and forth produces a mesmerizing morphing effect. Is it weird to be creeped out by seeing your ghost-like silhouette appearing in fluff?

[Vimeo via Make]