An Army of Plush Penguins Move in Motion to Make a Mirror

You won’t be able to shave or pluck your eyebrows in front of it, but artist Daniel Rozin successfully turned a small army of 450 plush penguin toys into a fully functional mirror capable of forming a crude, low-resolution reflection of whoever’s standing nearby.


Each penguin is mounted to a rotating base that are all wired into a central controller, while a video camera captures real-time footage of the person standing in front. The frames are each processed and converted into low-res black and white images which the penguin army can reproduce by either turning to show the black backs or the white fronts of their natural tuxedos.

And now that we’ve seen how 450 penguin toys can reproduce a simple black and white image, maybe 1,000 colorful stuffed parrots might be able to do the same but in full color.



Dale Franks

I’m not really interested in this technology until the resolution reaches at least 5 megapenguins.