A Modernist Clock That's Bad For Telling Time, but Beautiful on Your Wall

Clocks can be so totally boring, but not this one. This sleek, modernist time piece is a beautiful, complex addition to your wall.

Designed by Alberto Sala for Progetti, it looks chaotic at first glance. But the comely ticker is really quite easy to follow, with white and red lines leading from numbers spelled out in Helvetica to the spots on the clock where you'd ordinarily expect them to be placed. Though if you're a big stickler for punctuality, maybe this isn't for you, because you're not going to be keeping time down to the nanosecond with this piece. However, it's really more of a piece of eye candy anyway. It's just $186 (down from $310) on Fab right now. The sale's only good through the weekend, so if you're interested, make haste. [Fab via Explore]


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