A Monster That's Half-Snake, Half-Bat, and Half-Tank on Fringe

Fringe never lets me down. In last night's episode there was a giant monster that defied all laws of science and made me think of the Trogdor song from Homestar Runner. Spoilers ahead!

There wasn't much arc in this episode, called "Unleashed," so we didn't have to strain ourselves trying to figure out the conspiracy uniting the government intelligence community, a rogue underground of mad scientists led by Jones, and genome-tweaking megacorp Massive Dynamic. We didn't find out more about Olivia's newly-developed psychic powers. And we didn't even really delve into mad scientist extraordinaire Walter's shady past.


Instead, it was just balls-to-the-wall monster insanity. The science concept of the week was "transgenic animal," which as you can see from this clip means a snake crossed with a lion crossed with a spider and a wasp and a bat and a venus flytrap and a spaceship. Also I just love those drawings Walter shows Peter and Olivia of the original transgenic animals he was working on back in the day. What the hell is that? A cross between a tarantula and a snake? How awesome is that?

It also turns out that our monster shoots out venom spikes that inject eggs into its victim. Baby versions of the snake/lion/venus flytrap apparently look like regular old mealworms, which is good unless they are breeding inside your stomach. Which is what happens to Olivia's partner Charlie, and they only have (you guessed it) less than 24 hours to prevent him from exploding with bugs. I remember a few episodes back when everybody was saying that Charlie is probably in on the conspiracy and is secretly spying on Olivia. But now that I've seen him with little bugs swimming in his stomach I'm thinking no. The more I get to know him, the more warmly lunkheaded he seems - just a regular member of Olivia's Scoobies, not a spy.

So Walter figures out that the only way they can save Charlie is to inject him with blood from the monster (excuse me: "transgenic animal") for reasons too silly to go into here. And the only way to find the monster is to bring a bunch of its mealworm babies into the sewers where it's hiding - apparently because it's part-bat, it will hear the babies from far away and come running. Walter still feels so guilty about thinking up the spider-snake thing in the first place that he goes off alone to slay it, as you can see at the end of the clip above. If there's one thing you can say consistently about the Abrams-Kurtzman-Orci trifecta, it's that they don't scrimp on the monstery goodness.

Oh, the only remotely arc-y thing that happened in this episode is that we found out Peter is sort of possibly dating Olivia's sister. Which could get weird, because many of us have theorized that Peter and Olivia might be siblings or clones or something because Walter has made obscure references that seem to suggest that possibility. Though of course Olivia and Peter might be vat-grown cousins but Olivia's sister might not be. So that would be OK. Right?

Tune in next week when we head deep into what I think is arc territory. Seems as if Olivia is killing people with her mind, which we can only hope is a new and dangerous extension of her ability to switch lights on and off with her mind.



I almost thought I saw some sexual tension between Charlie and Olivia, and then we met Charlie's wife.