The Astonishing Tribe's latest demo is Recognizr, an app that blends Polar Rose's face recognition tech with augmented reality and social networking—point your phone's camera at somebody's face, and their contact info and social networks will magically appear.

You have to join the Recognizr service and upload a photo to the database in order to be recognized, so it only works with people who've decided that, yes, if you take a head-on picture of them, it's okay for you to see their social networking info. The prototype app's built on Android, though Polar Rose's facial recognition tech will work on an iPhone 3GS too.


It's actually not really that invasive or creepy—it definitely seems even less so than another facial recognition social networking app from MWC—since it's completely opt-in, and really, the explosion of location-based services that broadcast where you are would seem to give people more pause. Or maybe these things should bother me more. Hello, I live on the internet. [TAT via Technology Review via Dvice]

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