A Mt. Hood-Bottomed Pint Glass Is the Easiest Way To Tackle a Mountain

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With enough booze in your system, you feel like you can do anything—from singing like a Grammy-winning artist, to fighting a bouncer, to climbing a mountain. And while none of those are remotely even true, you can at least feel like you've conquered Oregon's Mount Hood every time you down a brew from this hand-blown pint glass.

Every time you reach the bottom of a pint you'll slowly reveal a detailed miniature glass version of Mount Hood created using actual 3D data from the United States Geological Survey. It doesn't quite tower 11,250 feet above sea level, but when you're on your fifth Fat Tire of the night, are you really going to care?


The glass is being realized through Kickstarter, and its creators were hoping to raise $15,000 to make it a reality. To date they've actually raised well north of $100,000, so it doesn't look like funding is going to be a problem. If you want to secure one of your own with a June delivery (just in time for patio season), a donation of $35 is all that's needed. But just like mountaineering, drinking can be dangerous if done alone, so why not spend $70 to get a pair for you and a friend? [Kickstarter - Mt. Hood, The Oregon Pint Glass via Cool Hunting]