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A Museum Whose Shape Defies Geometry

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This weekend marks the opening of San Francisco's new Contemporary Jewish Museum, but locals have been gawking at the building's mesmerizing shape for months. Todd Lappin of awesome blog Telstar Logistics snapped some images of this shiny, weird cube that is actually a room in the museum, even though it looks like precisely the wrong shape for everything. Maybe it's completely ordinary-looking inside? Nope. Check out the interior, below.


The ceiling looks just as bizarre as you might guess. Below, you can see something even stranger. The oddly-shaped shiny cube is actually a kind of appendage to the rest of the museum, which looks like an ordinary nineteenth-century-ish rectangular, red brick building.


You can see the cube just peeking around the left-hand side and a little bit on top.

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