A New Documentary Promises to Prove We're Not Alone in the Universe

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Film distributor The Orchard just picked up the rights to release a documentary called Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the Greatest Secret in Human History. The company is planning on putting it out in 2017, and its press release has some of the loftiest and, frankly, most exciting/unbelievable claims imaginable.


We love it.

According to a press release, the film will present “the best evidence of extraterrestrial contact dating back decades, with over 100 hours of top-secret military, corporate and intelligence whistleblower testimony, documents, and UFO footage.”

How? Well, director Michael Mazzola reportedly focuses his film on Dr. Steven Greer, “an emergency doctor and founder of the global Disclosure Movement who has briefed many senior government officials, including the CIA Director, Pentagon Admirals and Generals and senior members of Congress.” Greer is very confident in this findings.

“We are excited to have the support and distribution heft of The Orchard for this historic documentary film that establishes that we are not alone in the Universe,” said Dr. Steven Greer in the release. “It is time for the truth to be known and we are honored to have The Orchard as a partner in this effort.”

“There’s no question, no matter your beliefs, that Dr. Greer has tirelessly and consistently exposed startling revelations about UFOs, technology and the secrets being kept from the American public,” added Paul Davidson, EVP Film and Television for The Orchard. “We are thrilled to be partnering with him to bring his most stunning work to the widest audience possible.”

Here’s an early trailer for the film:

Now does anyone think this film actually will prove anything? Of course not. But I love this kind of stuff and I can’t wait to see what findings, footage and more brought about such positive feedback.


Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the Greatest Secret in Human History will be released in 2017.

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For fun, many years ago, my ex-wife and I watched the FOX “Alien Autopsy” show. A few nights later she woke me up to investigate the spaceship landing in the back yard, and has been traveling the road to full-bore Tea Party born-again Christian ever since. She and her husband have a bona fide prepper bunk/arsenal in Ohio. The biggest (non-money) fights we’ve had were over the fact that our kids just had to go to a Born Again Christian School, and they did for several years.

Her and her husband are high-wage earning “educated” professionals, not twitchy crack-pots in a trailer in the desert.

Just like all this kind of stuff, I’m gonna watch this film and and likely get a kick out of it; I’m a sci-fi kid. It’s goofy fun.

But the cretins out there believe this shit to the point of being dangerous.