A New Look At Clone Wars Animated Series

The new Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series will be cuter, and yet less cartoony, than the Genndy Tartakovsky shorts from a few years ago, judging from a new preview posted on the Star Wars Web site. Clone Wars, which will debut in theaters August 15, features more of the nice side of Anakin, and his brotherly relationship with Obi-Wan. It also introduces Asohka Tano, who may actually be too cute, but could also kick all kinds of ass. Click through for a second clip.


[Clone Wars Preview, via Bonnie]


Josh Wimmer

@Bluecell: I don't know how old she is. We're talking about the Star Wars universe, anyway, and I'm not going to get into the age of consent for various alien races. If it makes you feel better, though, I don't actually find her sexy, in spite of my having used exactly those words — I was just using hyperbole and repetition.

And my point was not "God forbid they put women in the Star Wars universe." In fact, it was the opposite: Over the past decade, the Star Wars universe keeps introducing these female-warrior characters, and I think someone there does think they're being really "inclusive" or something. Except that they all seem kind of cut out with the same cookie cutter to me. What I said above about myth being storytelling in broad strokes notwithstanding, slapping some boobs and hips and a ladyvoice on a character and then giving them a lightsaber is not exactly female empowerment.