A New Low for Borders: Selling IP Addresses for $12

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Like a haggard crackhead selling its socks, bankrupted Borders has resorted to selling things that don't actually exist. That's right—the company that once sold Ulysses and Jane Eyre is now hawking its collection of IP addresses.


After all of the shelving and fluorescent bulbs were auctioned off to help fill Borders' debts, this was probably the most valuable thing the dead company has left. The IPv4 internet address numbers, which serve as precious unique identifiers for web servers, have all been doled out. There aren't any more combinations left. So although $12 for an IP address sounds kind of pathetic, The Register reports it was a record high price—and the former bookseller fetched $786,432 in a sale to a medical software firm.

So, sad, or not so sad? Still sad, I think. [The Register via MaximumPC]

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I don't think it is a matter of choice. They can't just let something of value sit when they still owe money, even if it is IP addresses. Were they wrong to sell books at half that price? They are scraping together whatever they can.