A New ReBoot Series May Be On Its Way, And It's Not A Reboot

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The creators of the beloved, Canadian, and CG-animated cartoon have announced that they're finally making a new ReBoot series, and I find it quite appropriate that although details are scarce, it sounds like it'll take place in the exact same world of the original!

It's titled ReBoot: The Guardian Code, and Rainmaker animation studio president Michael Hefferon says that original characters Bob, Dot and Enzo will be "major" characters in the new series — as opposed to reimagining the original show for new audiences. Apparently the new series will aim for a younger audience, more like the original show's first two seasons, as opposed to the darker, fan-favorite third season. But who's to say the stakes won't rise over time?


Supposedly Rainmaker is looking to air the show on Canadian network YTV, but I feel confident that if they do manage to make Guardian Code, it won't be long before Cartoon Network or the like airs it in America as well.

[Via HuffPo]