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A One-Minute Explanation Of Why Sitting Is Bad For Your Health

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You’ve probably heard by now that sitting is bad for you, but do you know why? Take 60 seconds and let this beautiful animation tell you why it’s so bad.

If you’ve been sitting down all day, you might want to get up and move around a bit. Sitting for around 11 hours per day can increase the risk of early death by 40 per cent compared to those who sit four hours per day or less.

When you sit down, your body dramatically slows down its ability to burn fat, your insulin levels drop and your blood pressure shoots up. You’re more likely to get blood clots in your brain by sitting for extended periods of time, and you’re also twice as likely to get heart disease too.


Moral of the story? Get up and go for a walk!

Aussie animator, Duncan Elms, is back with his beautiful videos. This one appeared on a recent episode of 60 Minutes. You can check out his one about the Deep Web or his one about Bitcoin too!


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