A Pair Of Batteries Keep This Cordless Vac Running For Almost An Hour

No one likes having to deal with cords, and they're a particular pain when connected to a device that's able to suck them up and destroy them. So Hoover's new Air Cordless vacuum manages to finally make a cordless vac that's actually useful with a pair of rechargeable batteries that keep it running for almost an hour with full suction.

Weighing in at just under ten pounds and freed from a cable tethered to the nearest power outlet, the Air Cordless can be easily navigated to the farthest corners of your home. It comes with a pair of swappable rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which together keep the vacuum running for around 50 minutes of strong suction—which should be long enough to clean a 2,500-square foot home.


A full charge of the batteries takes about three hours, so when the $300 vacuum is dead you're going to have to move onto some other cleaning chore. But the charger is a separate device which means you can keep on cleaning while the other battery is getting topped off. So with a bit of planning and battery juggling, on cleaning day you shouldn't find yourself having to wait long for the Air Cordless to be ready to go. [Hoover]

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