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A pho burger looks way more delicious than a ramen burger

The good people at Foodbeast created a new frankenfood that tops the ramen burger in my eyes (and more importantly to my tastebuds): the pho burger. Made with deep fried rice noodle buns, Vietnamese style cole slaw and a juicy patty, it looks like a fantastic combination of the ingredients of Pho but in burger form.


My favorite beef noodle soup is Pho and one of my favorite sandwiches is a delicious Pho-flavored take on the roast beef sandwich from a bodega in New York so I'm sure this Foodbeast Pho burger would totally hit the spot for me.

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All of these "concept burgers" have the same problem: they are taller than they are wide. If I cannot fit the burger in my mouth, it doesn't really work as a burger.

Also I hoped to hear someone pronounce "pho" in the video because I always worry I am saying it wrong. I say something like "fa".