Haven't found the perfect drawing or note-taking app to replace the hard covered notebook you still carry around? Who says you have to give it up just because you have a smartphone? Not the designers at KBme2, who want your app-laden iPhone to play nice with its new Phone + Book cahier.

Opening the cover reveals a dedicated cut-out for your mobile device on the left, and a slot for a pencil on the right, merging the best of both worlds into a single carry-along. It even comes with a pencil that swaps an eraser on the end for a rubber touchscreen-friendly coating letting you jot notes or make sketches on paper or your device. Paper options include lined, a dot pattern, and a cross pattern, but pricing and availability isn't known yet. But expect it to slowly trickle into your favorite paper shop in the not too distant future. [KBme2 via designboom]