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But I think we're clear on the sound quality front. The HifiMAN HM-801 is a digital audio player, yes, but its modular design allows for a portable amp to be popped right inside.


The lower half of the player is taken by a removable Burr-Brown amplifier, but can be easily removed and replaced with another amp, assuming the new amp fits. It's a pretty barebones PMP otherwise, though—we're talking no video support, not even any internal memory (supply your own with SDHC cards). It does support FLAC and WMA lossless, because really, what's the point otherwise, but this is one PMP aimed squarely at the audiophile market, especially with a price of $700 (or $600 if purchased before its release in June). An included, modular amp is a very cool idea, and certainly a lot of today's PMPs could benefit from the boost it would provide, we just wish it had a little more mass-market appeal. [Head-Fi via Engadget]

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