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A Pool So Green It'll Look And Feel Almost Like A Lake

Illustration for article titled A Pool So Green Itll Look And Feel Almost Like A Lake

Pools are great for cooling off but they're not very green. They use lots of electricity, are kept clean with harsh chemicals and create an artificial landscape that screams "I love vinyl." But it doesn't have to be that way.


More and more pool companies are designing Eco-Smart pools that'll look and feel like you've got a lake in your backyard. These green pools are designed to match the topography of your backyard and have stone and wood accents that'll give the pool that natural look.

These green pools also have an ozone and smart filtration system that'll keep the water fresh and clean without using harsh chemicals like chlorine. Even the variable speed pumps, which use significantly less electricity, are easy on the environment. And you don't have to install the pool in the middle of your yard to maximize its sun exposure. Your pool can be nestled in a secluded area and heated using solar panels - a coolness factor that's worth every green penny. [KB Custom Pools]

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I have a friend with one of these pools. Except his has fish. He, quite literally, swims with the fishes in his freaking backyard. It's been 24 hours since I had my feet in it, and I can still feel them nibbling at me.