So you want a Star Wars poster featuring all the characters, but Jar Jar Binks and kid-Anakin keep polluting the scene? I feel your pain. But a new print by artist Max Dalton and put out by Spoke Art has you covered. It has all your favorite heroes...from episodes IV-VI and nothing else.

The 18 by 24-inch print allegedly contains every single character in all three movies, in order of appearance, and with some repeats for when shit really hit the fan. We don't quite have the time or encyclopedic knowledge to verify, but it looks like a pretty comprehensive list at a glance.


Each poster is a giclee print and each one in the limited edition 500-print run is hand-numbered. The unframed poster will run you $50 if you're into that sort of thing, but act fast because they are only coming around once. And before you know it, you're going to have thre other movies' worth of characters to contend with. [Spoke Art via Technabob]