A Pregnancy Diary That Grows With an Expectant Mother

If you've never kept a diary or journal before, a pregnancy is probably a great time to start. Not only because of all the new experiences, but it will also probably come in really handy if and when you decide to have a second child. And what better place to document your thoughts than in a journal that's growing right along with you?


Created by Japanese obstetrics service Kishokai and its ad agency Dentsu, the Bell-Net Mother Book features a unique 3D design that mirrors the growth of a pregnant woman's body. Every page turn represents a new week in the pregnancy, and while the left side is left blank for notes, the right side features a visual representation of what's happening inside the woman's body from week to week. You know, just in case you needed the reminder. [The Inspiration Room via Taxi]



You see the corresponding face of horror as the days go on?