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A Protective Suit That Lets You Stand Inside A Fireworks Display

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Colin Furze is a British garage inventor and video maker, perhaps best known for his "DIY X-Men" devices that endowed him with the powers of Magneto and Wolverine. And now, perhaps inspired by the pyrotechnic prowess of Jubilee, he has created an inflatable metal suit that can withstand a barrage of fireworks.

His "safety suit" — resembling an evil, steampunk Gumby — is made from hydroformed steel. As DesginBoom reports:

The process requires water pressure (from an ordinary garden washer) and metallic sheets, which allows the material to bend and billow into inflatable compositions. Modeling the body and limb armor independently of each other, Furze welded the final wearable frame into an ensemble …. able to withstand extremely high heat and pressure.


How well did it work? Watch the video to find out: