A Raw Chicken Hand Towel Is So Gross and So Clever

The scariest thing in your kitchen—besides maybe the biggest, sharpest knives—is chicken juice; ain't nobody want salmonella. And what better way to have fun with that fear than by having a hand towel that looks eerily similar to a slimey, raw chicken carcass? "Yeah, just rub this on your hands and everything will be fine."

Developed by New Zealand designers at alt group, the admittedly clever little monstrosity comes complete with instructions printed on its surface that explain to the user how to modify it into its uncannily creepy form.


The towels were given out as a party favor of sorts at appliance brand fisher & paykel's sales conference, and so far they haven't managed to make it to stores beyond that. Considering how digustingly brilliant they are, hopefully they do, sooner than later. But they are never making it into my kitchen. [Designboom]

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