A Sea of Cell Phones, Snapping Pics of the First Couple During the Inaugural Slow Dance

In the background of this photo, the Commander-in-Chief and his lovely wife are dancing to Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" for the Inauguration Ball slow dance. But you can't really tell. What you see is a swarm of arms and cell phones angling to snap a picture of the first couple in an intimate moment seen by millions and millions of people.

Something about this photo is sort of serene—orbs of light representing well-wishers struggling to snap a blurry photo of a red dot and a blue dot shuffling together hundreds of feet away. It was probably hard to hear and hard to see, but damnit, if you got a photo it meant you were there. Camera phones for all because this is America. [Barack Obama, h/t @BrookeCNN]


Image credit: Barack Obama Facebook

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