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A short film that proves even noble vampires can be horrifying

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sean, the 200-year-old vampire in the Continuum's short film So Dark, only chows down on evil folks, but that doesn't mean he's a nice guy. In fact, he's downright cruel when he's after someone he wants dead.

So Dark, written by James Williams and directed by Al Lougher, is actually the sequel to an earlier Continuum short, So Pretty. The events in So Pretty lead up to So Dark, but while So Pretty is fun, it's mostly a dig at Twilight. So Dark takes itself a tad more seriously and stands up well on its own. It has a straightforward plot, as our bloodsucking protagonist has been arrested by the cops and has to deal with an agent with a beef against vampires. But it does a nice job creating its world and giving us a vampire who may not quite be one of the good guys.