A Side-By-Side Comparison of the Original Movie and the Movie's Remake

It’s really hard to make a good remake of a good movie. And yet Hollywood keeps on trying. Here is a lovely side-by-side comparison of famous movies and their not always so successful remakes. Jaume R. Lloret stitched similar scenes next to each other to show how movies can give off a totally different feel even if they’re trying to replicate the same thing.


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Zelda did it!

Why is it that Hollywood feels they have to remake foreign movies, before the American audience will watch them? Is the joke I heard once true, that Americans can’t read fast enough to read subtitles to non-English movies?

In my eyes, watching a movie as Starbuck (remade as Delivery Man, with fucking Vince Vaughn...) or Let the Right One In (remade as Let Me In) just gets so much more immersive if you watch it in the original language. In some way, the ideas and plans of the director come out more when watching it in the original language.

I understand when someone remakes a movie from pre-60s, because it can be tough watching a movie in bad quality or black and white, but what is the reason to remake a perfectly fine movie only 2 or 3 years after its original release?