A Simple Design Improvement Keeps Your Glasses' Arms Safe From Harm

Unless you stash them in a case when you're not wearing them, the arms on your glasses are free to flop and flail about, increasing the risk of them getting bent or broken. It's admittedly a first world problem, but one that design studio Nendo has still solved with an improved nosepiece that now features a simple clip to secure the arms.


Available in both reading glass and prescription frame versions for around $40, the Snap Glasses come in a small range of colors, and you can actually easily remove and swap the arms if you want to mix and match the shades. They also include a protective sleeve designed to work with the new snapping mechanism, to help protect the lenses from scratches while stashed in your pocket. [Nendo via designboom]

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What if I don't have glasses? What then Gizmodo?