A Simple Flowchart to Help You Decide If You Should Vaccinate Your Child

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Yes, you should. Yes. Very much so, yes. Yup. Indeed you should. Yes. Yep. Affirmative. Do it. Yes. Certainly. Uh-huh. Absolutely. Yes, yes, yes.


The full version's below, by the way. The answer's still yes. [Medium via Flowing Data]


Blue Monkey

OK in all seriousness here and I have some first hand experience on the subject. Not something I heard from a celebrity. Here is our story:

My nephew was a perfectly normal kid, he was 2 years old, he started talking some simple words, he played with his brothers normally, laughed and most importantly, maintained eye contact. For those of you know don't know, one of the most disregarded signs of this condition is that kids with autism don't look at you directly, their focus is always somewhere else.

In the interest of keeping this short, I will just tell you when it all changed. When he turned two, my sister took him to the doctor for his yearly checkup and that is when things changed.

The doctor told her that he needed 5 vaccinations, which he had in stock and asked her if she wanted to do them all that same day, of course she said yes. After all the crying was said and done, the kid was feeling well and they went home.

That night, my nephew got a fever, started coughing and was obviously in pain, she called me and I told her to taking to the hospital, which she did. When she got there, they told her that this was normal when vaccinations took place, gave my nephew some medicine for the pain and the fever and sent her home.

By the next day, everything had changed. I went to see her and to check up on my nephew and I can tell you with all the honesty in my heart, that was not the same kid and he has never been the same.

I know what doctors have said, I know all the lab work that they have done, we have both read more materials about it than I care to remember, but the facts are very different from the science.

I don't know if it is the combination of vaccines, the fact the he got a fever the next day, maybe that he was already prone to get it and this just accelerated the process, but what is undeniable, is that this vaccination day, changed my nephew's life forever.