A Simple Stamp Turns a Beach Into a Temporary Chess Board

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Even if the water's too cold to take a dip, there's still lots to do on a beach besides soaking up the sun. With this cube stamp you can even resort to playing board games without the risk of losing anything in the sand, because this chess board and its pieces are all temporary.

The SandMaster is a pair of plastic cubes that can be pressed into sand to leave an imprint of pawns, rooks, knights, and every piece needed to play a game of chess. Drawing the grid for the board is easily accomplished with a finger or a twig, and moving pieces simply requires you to stamp them into a new square and then erase where they originally were.


And since the imprints can't be tinted black or white to tell them apart, one of the SandMaster cubes features just outlines of the various chess pieces, while the other features solid shapes so it's easy to tell which pieces belong to either player. Sadly, you can't buy the SandMaster just yet. It's a project that Quirky is still considering putting into production, so let's hope it's approved in time for the return of summer next year. [Quirky via PSFK]