A Smart Transforming Hanger Will Double the Capacity of Your Closet

Closet organization is a certifiable pain in the ass—so much so that an entire industry has developed out of our collective desire to keep our respective clothes in order. Space constraints are almost always the biggest problem; this convertible Hanger’ might help you keep your gear in check.


Shanghai-born, Germany-based Designer Ivan Zhang, under his studio name A’Postrophe, created this clever contraption that twists into a pair of spots to hang your stuff (with a bonus set of double hoops for a matching belt or scarf). It looks pretty fun to maneuver, with a simple twist and snap to secure it in place.

I’m definitely one who piles multiple jackets and shirts onto the same dumb plastic hanger, so I appreciate the innovation here. That being said, it looks a little slight for heavy coats, so might be more ideal for summer separates (or southern California natives).


The straightforward kind with room for six garments retails for under a tenner at the Container Store, and you wouldn’t have to futz around with any DIY assembly, though once you get past the top two wearables you’re going to have some trouble getting things on and off the rack. Another alternative: just leave everything in a heap on the floor. [Wired Design]


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