A Sneaky Mom App Locks Smartphones and Is an Angsty Teen's Nightmare

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What can only be described as the "end of days" for angsty teens eager to escape the yoke of overbearing parents, a new $2 Android app called Ignore No More turns any misbehaving miscreants' smartphone into a really, really dumb phone. In fact once locked, it can only do two things—call 911 or call mom.

In an interview with CBS, the app's creator Sharon Standifird came up with the idea after several frustrating bouts of ignored calls from her own children. Here's how this devilish app operates. A concerned parent opens up Ignore No More, selects their victim's unsuspecting smartphone from the list, creates a password only they know, and boom. Total smartphone lockdown. After that, these unfortunate users can only call 911 (for safety reasons) or a select few contacts handpicked by their parents.

Although the app insists it's not easy to uninstall or remove, Phandroid points out a somewhat easy workaround by unchecking Ignore No More under Device Administrators in Settings. And if you're lucky/your parents are lax with updating passwords, you might be able to ditch the app. Other than that it's a pretty pesky bit of software that's not easy to give the slip.


Ignore No More obviously gives greater parental peace of mind at the cost of frustrated teens everywhere. At the segment's conclusion, CBS asked Standifird's son what he thought of his mother's smartphone app exploits. He only returned a void look of defeat.[CBS]

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Moonshadow Kati aka Lady Locksmith

I can guarantee that as a child I could have gotten around this. Restrictive parents encouraged my friends and I to become junior sleuths, hackers, electricians, you name it, all for the sake of just watching some TV or using the internet. I'm amazed we only started one accidental fire with all that.

About the fire, if anyone is curious, a friend's parent had put a tiny padlock through the end of the plug on his TV to prevent us from using it, and we were experimenting with ways to bypass that. Our first attempt, using a paperclip, was what started the fire, although it was small and easily extinguished and the carpet was an ugly burnt color to begin with, so nobody ever noticed. The real solution turned out to be cutting the plug off of an Easy Bake Oven and carefully taping the wires to the respective prongs of the original plug.