A spaghetti bun and meatball sandwich is evolution at its finest

Ramen burgers are just nutty mad scientist creations cooked up to force people to form lines. It's shock value packaged in a sandwich and it doesn't even make sense. But this. This spaghetti bun and meatball sandwich makes perfect sense. Spaghetti and meatballs are perfect together. A meatball parm is a perfect sandwich. Let's add perfect with perfect and see what we get.

The answer is the new Spaghetti Meatballwich from The Carving Board in Los Angeles. Found by Eater, the spaghetti has been shaped together to act as a bun and holds together meatballs and mozzarella in marinara sauce. If you need more sauce—and of course you do—feel free to use the sauce on the side on this creation that marks the pinnacle of food evolution. Everything else is just Frankenstein.


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