A Strong Case For an Umbrella With a Bendable Handle

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As useful as an umbrella is for staying dry when it's pouring rain, they can be a pain to deal with when you get back inside and they're soaking wet. But designers Liang-Hock Poh and Ming-Hung Lin realized that by simply making the umbrella's handle flexible, it was far easier to hang somewhere for drying, and easier to carry with you.

Don't expect to see this design hitting stores anytime soon, though—at least not in an official manner. The Flexiber was a 2013 Red Dot Award Design Concept winner, and isn't a real product, at least not yet. But assuming that flexible handle is stiff enough to still be used to support the umbrella—even in high winds—it probably won't take long for this clever idea to become a reality. [Yanko Design via Taxi]