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A Surfboard Bag for Dedicated Beach Bums

Illustration for article titled A Surfboard Bag for Dedicated Beach Bums

Camping on the beach with the sound of the surf is a great way to relax, but when you're a surfer, it's also the easiest way to guarantee you won't miss a great wave when the tide rolls in. So the Wave Cave is kind of like an emergency shelter for a situation that's not really an emergency.


It's primarily designed for use as a padded case, capable of storing up to four surfboards of various sizes. But in a side pocket you'll find a pop-up tent that clips and zippers to the case, which doubles as a padded floor when empty for comfortable sleeping. The Wave Cave is available in three different sizes depending on how many boards you want to carry, and vary in price from about $260 to $315. It looks like each model provides the same amount of sleeping space when setup, and while the tent will protect you from the sun and the rain while you spend your days at the beach, it's not going to do much to keep your critical parents at bay. [Wave Cave via Uncrate]

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They do not make a longboard-sized bag :(

Then again, I'd probably just bring a little free-standing tent instead, and save a bunch of money. Like this company: []

/still won't part with my Clip Flashlight, no matter how pop-up that tent is