A Telescoping Flashlight Lamp Is the Perfect Camping Companion

There's a lot to like about designer Antonio Serrano's Lil Torch flashlight concept that extends and retracts like an old pirate spyglass providing a focused beam when needed, or a wide flood of illumination when collapsed.


Powered by a rechargeable battery that keeps a set of LEDs glowing in its diffused dome, the flashlight is made from plastic with the electronic bits are all sealed so that it's completely waterproof.

When extended the Lil Torch is easier to carry in one hand, while a pop-up hood helps keep the light focused on what's in front of you. But when it's collapsed and placed on its back with the white dome fully revealed, it can easily illuminate a tent with a soft glow. Plus, its smaller form factor makes it a lot easier to stash in a backpack—if it were actually something you could buy. [Behance via designboom]

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