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Surely if given a 1-terabyte server, you would find some stuff to fill it up with. Having trouble quantifying just how much one terabyte is? Well, it's approximately 500,000 digital photos; 250,000 MP3s; 125 DVD movies; or 1 million documents. The Yellow Machine Terabyte Storage Appliance is ready and waiting for you to fill it up with all the digital media you've acquired over the years. Built upon a RAID 5 backbone, the Yellow Machine combines what the company calls FailSafe Storage with a form factor that won't fill up your room à la the Eniac, a coup for a consumer device. Of course, the appliance is networkable, allowing you to put it in one room while pumping all of that delicious content to the big screen downstairs. The hard drives are constantly monitored for errors and are fixed accordingly before they become a critical issue. The Yellow Machine, which comes in 1-TB, 1.6-TB and a 2-TB models, costs $999, $1999, $2749, respectively.

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