A Terminator Figure That Does Retro Right

San Diego Comic Con is just over two months away, and you know what that means? It’s time to unveil the oodles of Con-exclusive merchandise that’ll be available. NECA’s kicking off the wallet-tempting with a take on a retro toy idea that doesn’t fall into some of the pitfalls of the recent “retro style” boom.

The toy is one of NECA’s recent T-800’s but with extra pieces to make it glow in the dark, á la Kenner’s Endoglow Terminator toy from their Terminator 2 line. It even comes on the old-style Kenner packaging!


But, that’s all that’s retro about it. It’s a modern, fully articulated toy, rather than trying to emulate the old sculpt or points of articulation. It’s the best of both worlds — honoring the nostalgia factor while being a modern action figure, rather than charging modern prices for decidedly dated looking toys.

Plus, it glows in the dark. No matter how old you get, fluorescent green glowing things are still somehow exciting.

[via Unofficial SDCC Blog]

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