A Tesla Model S Crashed Into an Electric Pole and Caused a Blackout

Stop me if you heard this before but an electric car and an electric pole walk into a bar... Okay, seriously. This is one of those ridiculous local news stories that are too perfect to be true but actually are. A Tesla Model S crashed into a utility pole in Tennessee and caused a local blackout.

An electric car causing a blackout by crashing into a pole is a little funnier than a regular car driving into a gas station, right? The crash, which occurred in the afternoon, was actually a result of a DUI.


A 34-year-old woman was behind the wheel at the time and said she was "messing with the radio" (that darn giant touchscreen!) when the crash happened. When police arrived on scene, the electric car was 100 feet away from the downed utility pole and power was out locally:


In order to load the crashed vehicle onto the flatbed, officers apparently had to obtain "technical instructions" in how to turn off the Model S. Gotta love electric.


Read more about this accident at WGNS. [WGNS via Autoblog]

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