A Tiny iPhone Photography Studio Built Into a Moleskine Notebook

It started life as a limited edition wooden contraption that allowed its creators to film both sides of a conversation using a single iPhone. But the Love Box has now been reborn as the AbracadabrApp: A modified Moleskine notebook featuring a slot to hold your iPhone, a repositionable mirror, and a small collection of tinted analog color filters.


Functionality is pretty much the same as with the original Love Box—you position the mirror so that you can capture two perspectives in the same shot—but the AbracadabrApp folds up into an easy to pocket notebook. The Love Box's $80 price tag has also been replaced with a more reasonable $38 fee, and considering the AbracadabrApp can also be used to take notes, it's an all around better investment if you happen to need the unique functionality it offers. Besides, who'd pass up a chance to say AbracadabrApp any time they could? [Moleskine]

Update: US folks interested in the AbracadabrApp can snag one on Etsy for $39.

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