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We may earn a commission from links on this page

A Top 10 of TechEBlog's "Top 10"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What people will do for traffic. Our friends over at TechEBlog have been on a "Top 10" kick as of late, so we thought we'd take a moment to get you up to speed on some of their goings on after the jump.

10. Top 10 Strangest Japanese Gadgets and Accessories

Many of the tech toys that we enjoy oh so much come from Japan, and this is but a small sample of the wildest and craziest. You'll find plenty of pointy objects designed to clean out your ears and other orifices. Here, we have one combining MP3 with a toilet (above), since reading the newspaper in the bathroom is so last century. You'll never think of Whitesnake the same way again. See them all here.


9. Top 10 Strangest Chairs


Sitting in a chair all day doesn't have to lead to painful blood clots. Well, it might, but at least you can develop said clots while sitting in any one of these off the wall chairs. Our favorite is the Tank Chair. What could be more fulfilling than trolling around the neighborhood with "Flight of the Valkyries" blaring? See for yourself here.

8. Top 10 Strangest Gadgets of the Past

This crazy watch radio isn't actually a watch, but it is capable of sending and receiving short waves while listening to standard radio broadcasts. Check out the rest of the old-timey goodness.

7. Top 10 Strangest Retro-Styled Gadgets


Along the same lines of gadgets from the past are gadgets inspired by the past, like the Digital Cowboy's Classic USB Skype Phone. Besides looking like something The Man with No Name would use, you can bother your Skype friends with it. What fun! Check out the rest of the retro-styled goodness.

6. Top 10 Strangest Cameras and Accessories


Nearly every day we bring news and purdy pictures of digital cameras. Perhaps even better are the camera-related gadgets out in the wild, like this Lego Pinhole Camera. It uses a manual crank to power a former Polaroid 95a. Other goodies include a camera the size of a pencil tip and a a frisbee camera. Find the rest here.

5. Top 10 Coolest iPod Accessories and Projects


Not a day goes by without us mentioning iPod accessories. The iPod Shuffle NES Controller looks great and is an iPod Shuffle stuffed inside an NES controller. Yep, we're tool makers all right. There's plenty of other useful items here, too.

4. Top 10 Strangest Computer Setups


"Post your setup!" Don't you just love those forum threads, where supergeeks post pictures of their wicked computer setups? Here's a collection of setups that probably put yours to shame. Our favorite is the Ultimate Mac Setup, since we're so biased and all. Your eyes don't deceive you: that's three 30-inch Apple Cinema Displays. Other memorable entries include a wall of monitors and a computer running out of a whiskey bottle. Ah, drink, you never talk back. The rest aren't bad, either.

3. Top 10 Strangest Luxury Gadgets


Oh, yeah, we're living in a gilded age all right. Take this $25,000 gold-plated GameBoy. The screen is lined with diamonds and the case is made out of 18K gold. Other gems from the list include other gold and diamond-encrusted cellphones. Notice a pattern? The rest of them are worth checking out.

2. Top 10 Strangest Gadgets of the Future


Just like the 10 strangest gadgets of the past, TechEBlog's got the 10 strangest gadgets of the force. Hopefully in the future, we'll all be using things like this transparent toaster. A self-cooling beer can and a video game-themed urinal are other highlights. The future looks bright, indeed.

1. Top 10 Strangest Custom Gaming Systems


The moment you've all been waiting for, Gizmodo's number one top 10 from TechEBlog's top 10 lists. Unlike Letterman, there's no pseudo-hipster pun topping this list. Nope, just good, old fashioned video games, like the portable Dreamcast. Yes, the Dreamcast died an untimely death, but at least now you can take it around with you wherever you go. There's a few other home consoles modded into portable units, like a portable Gamecube and an Atari Jaguar. Feast your eyes on the rest of the list.